Info and Policies 

***COVID-19 Update

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we are unable to hold any public classes until further notice. Each event that already had deposits down will have both a future date, and a livestream paint at home option. Each class will have updates posted in the event pages. Some of the classes, especially ones that come pre-sketched or are on a wood cutout, etc will have supply kits you will be able to pick up during certain hours at the studio and some we will give a list of basic supplies needed that you get yourself. 

Feel free to email us at wineandbrush@gmail for specific class info. 

We've had other business and personal fires to put out but are now turning our attention to getting the kinks worked out for live stream painting classes and we're excited to paint with you! We need time to get kits together and find dates for the live stream for each class etc. Thank you for your patience! If you've already put a deposit down you will be able to choose either the live stream or we'll hold your credit for any future class of your choice. 

Live stream painting classes will be discounted around $15 off original/normal price for now depending on if they come with a kit or not or if it is a smaller/easier/kid one etc  (if you already paid a desposit you'll only owe the balance of that for the live stream video instruction) 

***current deposit policy*** We cannot refund deposits already in place because as the money comes in (this is standard) it is immediately used to buy your wine, paint, canvas, and contribute to studio rents and other costs of running a business. With recent events being as they are, I literally don't have it to refund but I will make good on my promise to give you a class. I just need to bump them out till after recommended quarantine times or do the live steam option. 

I am a small business, a single mom of 3 boys and this is not just a side gig for me. It is my entire livlihood and with little to no money coming in right now, I am doing my best to stay in business and ride this out. If I could refund you all, I absolutely would but again I don't have it so I need to push most of these classes out to a later date and appreciate your understanding. I'll only be posting live stream for new ones for a while. 

Most of you have been really amazing and understanding and I can't thank you enough!!!  My busines and my customers are my passion. I am doing my best to ride this out and keep everyone happy. 

Thank you! 

******* (old policy below which I hope we get back to VERY soon! Stay safe and blessings to you all! ****



Terms and Conditions/Copyright notice for Wine & Brush Grants Pass - Phoenix. Spurlock Gallery & Wines, LLC

By Purchasing any deposits and or attending any of our classes/events you agree to all of the following:


REFUNDS - ***Old policy*** We are happy to offer you a refund on your deposits if you give us 3 or more days notice. This is to give us a chance to fill your spot.

If you need to cancel, please email us at and give us your name and the class you booked. Not the booking number. 

Everyone has a reason for cancelling short notice – this is why deposits exist. Please do not call us on short notice with your reason, and ask us for a refund anyway.   


If you find yourself needing to cancel with less than 3 days notice you may fill the spot yourself including trying to find an interested party in our corresponding facebook event page. We do not need to be notified of the switch, just have them check in under your name. If you cannot fill the spot, please let us know so we are not waiting for you to show up to class.


TRANSFERS - If there is another class already posted on our deposit site and you’d prefer we transfer your deposit, we can also do that given 3 days notice. We do not hold credits for unknown future events.

CREDITS - We no longer offer credits of any kind, only refunds and direct transfers given 3 days or more notice. If you have an old credit, you need to let us know ahead of time that you wish to redeem the credit at a specific class and you will need to provide proof of credit such as an email.

IF YOU ARE LATE - We offer standby seats at a discount and if there is someone wanting a spot and you are 10 minutes late, we will give them your spot and start the class. You will lose your deposit but will not owe the class remainder.

SEATING - It is your responsibility to have at least one person in your party check in early (up to 45 mins before class starts but not before) and save seats together. If you show up when class is about to start and don’t find seats together and decide not to paint, we are not responsible and will not issue a refund on deposits. You do not have to pay the remainder. We will do our best to help you find seats but sometimes others are unwilling to move and if they got there early to get a good seat we are going to respect that.

If we opened your private party to the public, we do save as many seats together as you need for your party just let us know how many prior to the event.




All of our designs are designed by Melissa Spurlock, of Spurlock Gallery and Wines, LLC. and are under strict copyright laws. ALL rights are reserved. If you post photos anywhere online, post where you did it. If you don't, others can (and do) steal my designs for profit) When you take our classes you agree to not claim it as your own, sell your painting in any way, recreate it in any way, enter it in contests, make copies and sell prints in any form, teach it to someone else for free or for profit, sell photo prints, create something too similar and teach/sell/claim as your own. It is a myth that if you change something 10% it’s a new design. This is false. It’s closer to 70%. You can either keep it or gift it to someone as long as you give credit to the design not being your own. Anything else you have thought of is a violation of our copyright. Thank you for respecting my life's work and livelihood. 



We have wine, beer, soda, hard ciders, and sometimes sparkling cider and you can choose from these options for your included beverage.


Outside food is currently permitted at both locations.  Outside alcohol is not permitted in either location.  Our adult classes include one included beverage. Additional glasses can be purchased. Bottles may be purchased to take home in the Grants Pass location only - bottles to be consumed during class can only be purchased at specific events, just ask. In this case there is a $5 cork fee for consuming on premises. 

We serve 6 oz. pours (Industry standard is 5) plus our classes are a little large. We cannot legally pour you more than this per glass.

Private events – You may bring snacks/cake/platters etc for a private event. If you need an extra little table for it set up, please let us know in advance. We can put things in our back room fridge if needed such as ice cream cake.

We reserve the right to refuse alcohol to you if you appear underage and cannot produce valid ID, or if you appear intoxicated.

Children’s classes include 1 snack each which will be pudding/applesauce/jello/bars depending. Dairy/gluten free options may not be available so if your child has special needs please send them with their own snack. Please let your children know that they may choose only one snack. Thank you.


If you have 12 or more confirmed guests, and we find a date that works for both of us we can open a private event for you where you get to choose the painting. We create a deposit link with a password to reserve that you give out to your guests. We can seat up to 30 guests. Please send us an email at to get started!